24th May 2007

ABC’s “Lost” TV Show Finale Lost Me

It seems fitting that one of my first posts should be a rant – I’m an opinionated person so you’ll be seeing more rants from me. Probably a lot of them.

Spoiler Alert: This rant may reveal details of last night’s Lost TV Show episode, so if you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to know what happened, quit reading now. Yes quit right now.

I’m a big fan of ABC’s “Lost” TV show, but last night’s 3rd season finale left me frustrated and upset – I’m ready to join the ranks of those who have given up in disgust and quit watching out of sheer frustration over ABC’s refusal to wrap up confusing plot lines and answer some lingering questions – some going all the way back to the first season! What makes it even more maddening is that all season long the producers have been promising “answers” and claimed that a lot would be “explained” by the end of the season. HA! Not only did they NOT answer any questions but they’ve raised even more! Read the rest of this entry »

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19th May 2007

The Kitten Debuts

Over the last couple of years I’ve set up many of my friends and family members with their own blogs (using WordPress because of it’s simplicity – even the non-geeks can be successful bloggers using it), but hadn’t any interest in doing my own Blog because I’m an introvert – and an extreme one at that. Most introverts find it difficult to believe that anyone really cares about our thoughts or opinions, so why bother sharing them? But a friend recently made a comment that made me change my mind…….allow me to elaborate……

Like most Geeks (and I use that term very affectionately), I am often called upon to provide Tech Support, primarily to my non-geek family, friends, and friends-of-friends. Seems that when those who are not very computer savvy find out that I am “good with computers”, they generally always ask if I can “help them out with a problem they are having”……I’m sure all you geeks who may be reading this are nodding your heads with empathy……and if you want to know WHY I take the time to help them, read my “About” Page…..back to the comment my friend made….

SO when this friend recently asked for help with her Outlook program, I quickly pulled up a Word Doc I had created for someone else who also had just that problem, and printed it off for her. She commented that there were probably other people with the same problem who would benefit from that document – and that if they could find it, they wouldn’t have to ask a friend to help them, or worse, suffer with the problem.

Which made me think – over the years I have acquired quite an arsenal of advice, tips, tricks, and fixes (like most geeks). I’ve tried all kinds of software and hardware, and have opinions on what people should use or skip, and what they should do (or not do) with their computers. So if putting that “out there” for others to find can help out just ONE other fellow geek who would then be spared that “tech support” call, it’s worth it.

So here I am in my own little corner of the internet. My site is brand new, but I hope you’ll come back to visit as I continue to add content. Drop me a line if you have suggestions or feedback!

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