14th May 2008

Free Photoshop Anthology PDF – Hurry!

Photoshop AnthologyAttention all web designers and graphic designers – if you’re a new Photoshop user you will NOT want to miss out on this terrific opportunity to pick up a FREE pdf that is packed with easy to follow tutorials, tips, and tricks on using Photoshop to it’s fullest. Even if you’ve been using Photoshop for a while, you should take advantage of this opportunity to see if you can learn a new trick or two – what the heck, it’s FREE! (A savings of $29.95).

Grab this freebie, The Photoshop Anthology (101 Web Design Tips, Tricks, & Techniques), while you can – it’s a limited time offer, so don’t delay. Did I mention that it’s FREE?

The author, Corrie Haffly, is an expert Photoshop user, author, and regular contributor to SitePoint. I love Corrie’s advice and tips in the Design View e-newsletter I subscribe to, and her articles on the SitePoint website have taught me a lot about graphic design.

For anyone who is not a regular reader of this site, SitePoint is my favorite resource for web design books, video tutorials, and general reference material. I own (and use almost daily) many of their books, learn something new from them with nearly every issue of their newsletters, and I use their HTML Reference pages and CSS Reference pages on a regular basis. I especially love their Reference pages because I can use them when I’m on the road (and don’t have their books with me) and need to look something up. Every Web Designer should be a regular visitor to their site!

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