13th August 2007

iSkin’s Revo iPhone Case Review

iSkin Revo iPhone caseAlthough I was one of those in line on June 29th to get an iPhone, I held out until late July to get a case for it. Not because I was lazy or didn’t care about protecting my iPhone, but because I really, really, wanted an iSkin Revo.

I did a lot of online research, both in the weeks leading up to, and following, my iPhone purchase, and looked at a lot of different iPhone cases. There is a very wide range of styles to choose from offered by a lot of different manufacturers – some relatively inexpensive (under $10) some quite a bit more. I spent $40 plus shipping on my new iSkin Revo, which is near the upper end of the spectrum, but not the most expensive I looked at.

I’ve had the new case on my iPhone for about a week now, and I can tell you honestly that I love it. It’s made of a very durable rubber that has a nice, rugged feel to it. I’ve owned other cases before, for old cell phones, and none of them lasted long. Leather, neoprene, and vinyl all get dirty quickly, the silicone ones got torn, and the plastic shield type would simply crack and break apart. And I’m not particularly rough on my phones, honest!

But the Revo feels solid, and is easy to clean if it ever does get dirty. It comes with two terrific features – first, a clear plastic top cover that lifts off and attaches easily to the back when you’re using the phone (the way a pen cap attaches to the bottom of the pen when you’re writing). Several other cases I looked at that had face plates had them permanently attached to the top or side, which looks like it would get in the way when I’m talking on the phone. I like that iSkin put some thought into this and built it so that the face plate is out of the way when I’m actually using the iPhone. The second really nifty feature is a thin anti-glare “privacy guard” film that attaches easily (and without adhesive) to the glass front plate of the iPhone. It doesn’t interfere at all with any of the operation of the phone, but does cut down dramatically on any glare from overhead lights or the sun if you’re outdoors. And it also provides you with some screen privacy by making it difficult to read the screen from an angle, so you don’t have to share what you’re doing or viewing with someone sitting next to you. Very nice.

All in all it’s a great case, and well worth the price and wait.

For more information visit their website at http://www.iskin.com/. Note: This is not a paid review, I was not given the Revo case for free, and I am not affiliated with iSkin in any way. Just a happy customer!

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