26th June 2009

Review: Ringer Ringtone Application for iPhone

I know it’s been a while since I’ve re-evaluated the present landscape for putting ringtones on your iPhone, mostly because being the frugal kitten that I am I tend to prefer to just do things the more convoluted (but free) way when I need a new ringtone for someone in my contact list…..

But no more!

I have just been converted into a HUGE fan of what is probably the slickest and easiest way to create an iPhone ringtone I’ve seen yet, Ringer from Pixel Research Labs Inc.

In fact I cannot believe just how easy it was – as soon as I launched Ringer, the main window instructs me to “drop a music file here”……you can also use a movie file, but I just tried with a song I like that reminds me of a friend of mine (Greg I’ll bet you’ll never guess which song I used for you!!)….

Ringer - ringtone creator for iPhones Ringer - ringtone creator for iPhones
(click on photo for larger image)

After that it’s SO intuitive that I didn’t even look at the instructions – I just grabbed the blue highlight area and dragged it to the section of the song that I wanted to use, stretched it a bit to the right to cover roughly 18 seconds of the section, and clicked on “Create” – that was it! (did I mention Ringer is easy to use?)…. it automatically added a brief fade in/fade out and launched iTunes, placing my new ringtone in the Ringtones section, ready to be synced to my iPhone.

How’s that for easy? I don’t think it could get any easier unless you’re buying ringtones directly from the iTunes store, but with it’s VERY reasonable $15 price tag, Ringer is a better option if (like me) you like to have different ringtones for everyone in your contact list (or at least the important people).

DOWNLOAD Ringer Here

I give Ringer TOTALLY 5 paws!
Rating: ★★★★★

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