18th April 2008

Super Sale at Sitepoint

Well I had planned to write a post about why I really love Sitepoint, then I get an email from them about a sale they are having until the end of this month on their Kits – buy one, get one free. I already own all the Kits or I’d be warming up my credit card right now, but I can tell you that they are well worth every penny even at full price, so at half off (for buying two), well it’s just a no-brainer.

Sitepoint Usability KitIf you’re fairly new to web design, The Usability Kit is a really good primer on how to do things the right way, whether your building a blog or a full-blown commercial site. It will teach you how to ensure that your site is not just completely standards-compliant, but really and truly user-friendly as well.

Sitepoint Web Design Business KitAnd if you’re a fairly experienced web designer who wants to go into business for yourself, then the Web Design Business Kit is a must-have. This one will teach you everything you need to know about being a self-employed web designer, from preparing proposals to developing milestones to delivering your finished product. It will help you avoid mistakes that many new entrepreneurs make.

Sitepoint Search Engine Marketing KitFor anyone who needs (or just really wants) to improve traffic to their site (in particular anyone who sells products on the web) you can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by learning to do your own Search Engine Marketing instead of paying someone else (who may not even be doing it right), you really nee the Search Engine Marketing Kit. The company I work for used to spend over $6000 per month to a SEM firm, but now we do it ourselves for a small fraction of that.

Sitepoint Email Marketing KitAnd last but not least, any commercial site should have a good email marketing campaign – it’s important to avoid doing common things that can get you labeled as a spammer, and to know the laws of email marketing, which is where The Email Marketing Kit comes in.

I don’t normally like to “plug” products, but these kits are such a good value normally, and a great value right now, that I wanted to share them with you before the sale is over. According to the email they sent me, quantities are limited so don’t delay! (Now that’s an example of a good email marketing technique!

All of them have Sample chapters that you can download to preview before buying if you choose to.

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