21st April 2008

Super Sale on Mac Related eBooks

Take Control eBookHot off the presses (as in: I just got an email on this)……TidBits.com is celebrating their 18th anniversary with an incredible sale on all of their eBooks (I own quite a few of them)…..

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I’m a long-time subscriber to their regular e-newsletter, which I love. Every issue is packed with information and reviews on Mac applications and utilities, current happenings at Apple and in the Mac community, and interesting technology news. On occasion they offer opportunities to win some terrific 3rd party apps (I’ve been the lucky winner twice – yaay!). I look forward to, and thoroughly enjoy, every single issue.

Their eBooks are extremely well written guides to a wide variety of [mostly] mac-related subjects, with clear and easy to follow tips and instructions. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about your operating system and applications, how to make a podcast, or getting the most out of your iPhone, you should check out these eBooks (they have a lot more subjects too). The best part is that even at their normal prices they are a terrific value, but at these sale prices they should not be missed. And when you buy one, they have an embedded link you can click on to check for updates, which makes it easy (and often free) to stay current.

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