24th May 2007

ABC’s “Lost” TV Show Finale Lost Me

It seems fitting that one of my first posts should be a rant – I’m an opinionated person so you’ll be seeing more rants from me. Probably a lot of them.

Spoiler Alert: This rant may reveal details of last night’s Lost TV Show episode, so if you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to know what happened, quit reading now. Yes quit right now.

I’m a big fan of ABC’s “Lost” TV show, but last night’s 3rd season finale left me frustrated and upset – I’m ready to join the ranks of those who have given up in disgust and quit watching out of sheer frustration over ABC’s refusal to wrap up confusing plot lines and answer some lingering questions – some going all the way back to the first season! What makes it even more maddening is that all season long the producers have been promising “answers” and claimed that a lot would be “explained” by the end of the season. HA! Not only did they NOT answer any questions but they’ve raised even more! Their credibility is in the toilet as far as I’m concerned. Worst of all is that certain events and behaviors of the characters have stepped over the line into unbelievability. I realize that a good show has to leave the viewer wanting more, and a few questions will get them to tune in next season for the answers, but “Lost” has gone too long without answering anything.

For example (second spoiler alert – my list of questions is based on actual events in last night’s and previous episodes – this is your last chance to quit reading if you don’t want to know what’s happened so far)…….

I can understand why Charlie felt he had to sacrifice himself so that Desmond’s premonition of rescue for the others would come true – even though he COULD have accomplished the mission of un-jamming the radio signals AND saved himself (hello? ever heard of closing a door from the outside? works just as well as closing it from the inside – the water pressure would have kept it closed even if there weren’t handles on the outside), however, the prelude to Charlie’s drowning – Mikhail blowing the porthole open with a grenade – was beyond belief. I mean really, how many times do you have to kill a one-eyed Russian before he stays dead? Are Russians really so tough to kill that having your brains fried and then being shot thru the heart with a spear gun won’t do it? And I don’t buy the theory put forth by others (not to be confused with The Others) that “the island” brings him back to life just like it cured Locke’s paralysis – if that were true why didn’t “the island” bring back any of the first season victims who didn’t survive the crash? Or those who died in the first and second seasons? Or the Dharma Initiative folks that Ben killed? And why would it kill pregnant women and babies and not bring them back to life too? Inconsistency means that “the island” is deciding whom to let live and die, which implies though and intelligence, so there’s a BIG unanswered question through 3 seasons – how does the island “think”?? And if it’s controlled by the mysterious and invisible “Jacob”, who apparently can control life and death, why would he need Locke’s help? And what does that black smoke have to do with anything?

The producers need to start answering these and a lot of other questions in the first episode or two of the next season, or I just won’t bother watching it anymore.

Aaarrrgh! Anyone else as frustrated as I am?

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