30th May 2007

Countdown to the iPhone

The anticipation is killing me……and I’m worried that the frenzy to own an iPhone will be so bad that I might not get one in the first wave of deliveries……of course everyone I know is telling me I’m an idiot (I prefer the term “blonde” thank you very much) for wanting to get one as soon as they come out. I’m told the “smart” geeks will be waiting for v. 2 to see if there are bugs that get fixed or price drops, capacity increases, etc………yeah, yeah, whatever……I’ll tell you why I want one so badly, nay why I simply must have one……there are two reasons:

1. I just can’t text message very fast on my Razr. Don’t get me wrong – I love my Razr – but I’ve tried and tried and just can’t seem to master the dexterity it takes to text message quickly on it. With the little touch-screen keyboard the iPhone will have, I’m sure I can fire off text messages a fast as my niece, who is almost a pro at it.

2. I have a thing for gadgets. To me, gadgets are like what drugs are to a junkie – I just can’t resist a cool new gadget. It’s a form of geek-aholism and I don’t want to be cured.

So there it is………stay tuned ‘cuz I’m sure I’ll be writing all about it as soon as I have it in my hands!

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