20th June 2007

Ghost Action Review

Anyone familiar with GTD software (“Getting Things Done” for those who are not) will appreciate the simple elegance of Ghost Action, a Mac-only application that keeps all your “to do’s” neatly organized by Contexts (such as personal or work related items), Projects (within those Contexts) and Tasks (within each Project).

Ghost Action ReviewWell worth its $19.95 price tag, Ghost Action has the option to synchronize with iCal in order to take advantage of some of iCal’s features (printing your tasks on a calendar, for instance, or using alarms to remind you of critical tasks), but for those who would say “why not just use iCal”, the beauty of Ghost Action is that it gives you a lovely easy-to-use interface with greater flexibility than iCal offers – so you can view all of your Tasks grouped by either Context or Project, add Priorities and Due Dates, sort them in a variety of ways, and print in several formats.

I use this nifty tool to keep me on track, and it does a great job of it. I’d love to see a future release include a few new features, specifically the ability to print a Daily To Do list for those who, for whatever reasons, don’t want to synchronize with iCal, and also a Daily alarm that would “pop up” to remind me of what I still need to get done today (and maybe even with a snooze button?)…..but even without those features I can honestly recommend this to anyone who has tried other GTD software apps and abandoned them due to disappointment. I had almost given up on finding the right GTD software when I stumbled across this one – boy am I glad I did!
Rating: ★★★★☆

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