26th June 2007

Countdown to the iPhone – Part 2

Where will you be at 6pm on Friday, June 29th, 2007?

I know where I’ll be……..in a line…..possibly a long line……..I just haven’t decided if I’ll queue up at my local Apple Store or at the AT&T store.

I called both of them to find out if they had an idea of what will happen on Friday (I’ve heard rumors of “waiting lists” which were supposed to be verboten…….we’ll see). The AT&T dude said that they expect folks to start lining up around 4pm (their store – as will all AT&T stores – will close at 4:30pm and reopen at 6pm for the launch). The Apple Store dude said they expect folks to start lining up as of yesterday…….geesh…….what’s a working girl to do? I certainly can’t take a week off to stand in line, so it will likely be the AT&T store for me.

About the only thing working in my favor is that I live in Arizona. In case you haven’t heard, it’s hot here. Very, very hot. So maybe people won’t really start lining up that early – who wants to hang around outdoors when it’s 110° in the shade? I don’t but I will. Call me crazy, but when you’re an extreme geek you do crazy things.

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