7th August 2007

Apple iPhone Review: After the first month

In the past week four different people asked me if I *still* like my iPhone after using it for a month, so I decided it was time to post my 30-day update. Also coming up this week – reviews of several Mac utilities so stay tuned!

iPhoneOn to my iPhone Review – and the short answer is “YES!” – I still love my iPhone. It is by far the best cell phone I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned many over the years since they were the size of bricks.

To be honest I haven’t done any mods or hacks, even though since the iPhone’s launch a large number of 3rd party applications have been developed (check out BarCamp), and even a great hack called iFunTastic that, amongst other things, allows you to add custom iPhone ringtones (but note that it only works on Intel Macs, not the PowerPC Macs). Sadly I still have two PPC Macs, and no plans to upgrade soon, so I’ll have to wait in iFunTastic to come out with a PPC version. However, I do know several people who have used it and are very happy with the results. But remember, YMMV!

SO for the time being my iPhone is still in it’s pristine, un-modded condition and I couldn’t be happier with how it operates. I find the text messaging to be SO much easier than my old RAZR, and I no longer miss calls because I was listening to my iPod (yes, it really used to happen). The other day I was kept waiting at my doctor’s office (nearly 40 minutes), which in the past would have my blood boiling……but instead of thumbing through 10-year old copies of National Geographic or Highlights, I just pulled out my iPhone and watched the pilot episode of one of the 5 or 6 TV shows I downloaded to it. Pure bliss!

But by far the most noticeable aspect is the sound quality – all of my calls just simply have better audio quality. Both what I hear and what the other person I’m speaking to hears is just better, and doesn’t sound like we’re on a cell phone. A terrifically important improvement since most of the calls I take are business related.

Because it’s so easy to use, with its touch-interface, I find that I actually use it much more than other web-enabled phones I’ve owned in the past. Yes it’s true that the EDGE connection is not fast, but it does a fine job, and most of the places I find myself in have Wi-Fi so it’s rarely an inconvenience. I travel frequently so I have Boingo account, giving me nationwide access to a large quantity of hotspots.

That’s all for now! Oh and I’m looking for a good home for my old (pink) iPod Mini, if anyone is interested in it, the adoption fees are very reasonable!

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