8th August 2007

2Remember Review

($10 shareware with free trial) I absolutely love this reminder program! It doesn’t replace iCal for me – I still use iCal for a wide variety of events, appointments, and dates for which I need a reminder, but 2Remember fills the gap left for those myriad of non-recurring, small tasks for which I may not want to open iCal, navigate to the right date, modify my event or to-do, etc…..and I have so very many of these types of tasks that if I tried to put them all into iCal it could quickly get bloated. 2Remember is light on resources, unobtrusive, and easy to use. I set up whatever it is I need to be reminded about, then delete it when it’s finished its job.

2RememberThe task list can be “docked” to any edge of your screen, where it slides away like a drawer when not active. Adding and deleting tasks is quick, simple, and highly intuitive, so that you don’t really even need it’s built-in instructions or help files. You can choose to set an alarm or not, and when the alarm pops up, you can make use of it’s “snooze” function if you need more time 🙂

Amongst its many neat features are the buttons along the top of each “reminder” you set up – to better define what your task is – such as a phone call to be made, email to be written, an order you want to place from a website, etc. I use this regularly to keep track of vitamins I want to reorder as I get low on them, but I try to only order once a month or so to save on shipping, instead of just ordering each type as I run out. So I set my reminder alarm for a month or so ahead, and just keep adding to my list until the alarm goes off, at which point I go to the website and place my order.

I use 2Remember to help me remember to call my doctor or hair stylist when I need an appointment, then when I make the appointment I put it in iCal.

The only thing that keeps this terrific reminder program from getting a “5 out of 5 Paws” rating from me is minor – I would like a little more flexibility and options from the Preferences – such at the choice of using sounds other than the Beep to signal an alarm, and some additional Snooze options beyond the built-in choices, which top out at 8 hours (maybe a 1 day, 1 week, 1 month option?). Otherwise it’s a beautiful, lightweight reminder application that I’m really glad I found.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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