12th August 2007

Bejeweled – 1: Productivity – 0

One of my favorite time-wasters has made its way to the iPhone – Bejeweled! The Bejeweled Game for iPhone is a free web browser app, not a download, and it’s as beautiful as its big brother that lives on your computer.

Bejeweled GameAs if it’s not bad enough that I can listen to music and watch TV shows and movies on my iPhone, now I can play one of my favorite games too. I’ll never get anything done again when I’m away from my office! And it will be even harder to pay attention during boring meetings from now on. 🙁

The real beauty of this version of the famous Bejeweled game (besides being free!) is that it uses very little bandwidth, so it plays nicely on the EDGE network as well as Wi-Fi.

Here’s the link – you can try it from any browser, and add it to your iPhone’s bookmarks: http://static.popcap.com/iphone/ – but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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