16th August 2007

Embraceware Awaken Review

This wonderful computer alarm clock works SO well that I never use my old bedside alarm clock anymore – it’s been so long that I can’t even remember the last time that I did….

Awaken Mac Alarm Clock photoEmbraceware has created a sophisticated, yet resource-light alarm clock program that has all the wonderful features and flexibility of software that is ten times as expensive, and put it all together in a gorgeous looking little package.

Awaken uses your own iTunes Library (with the ability to choose specific Playlists on a per-alarm basis) and has a built-in backup sound set in case there’s a problem with iTunes, as well as support for Podcasts. And it works with the Apple Remote, which you can program to either “stop” or “snooze” the Alarm when it goes off, turn the volume up or down, etc. VERY handy indeed! But my favorite feature is the “fade in” so that the volume goes up over a period of time (in my case I have it set to several minutes) so that I’m never “jarred” awake, but I use a high-energy playlist (same one I do my power-walking to) so that after a few more minutes I’m very motivated to get up.

It also has an “egg timer” (countdown) function for those one-time things you don’t want to forget (like cookies in the oven) and a “sleep timer”, so that you can gently drift off to sleep to your favorite tunes or a Podcast, knowing it will shut itself off at your predetermined time.

Awaken Mac Alarm Clock photo2Using Awaken in Full Screen Mode makes it easy to see your Alarm from across a room, and lets you take advantage of iTunes Cover Art and Visualizations.

This is just an all around terrific Mac alarm clock program, and you just cannot beat it for the price ($8.95). It gets 5 Paws from me!

Rating: ★★★★★

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One Response to “Embraceware Awaken Review”

  1. On August 18th, 2007,Joanna Says:

    Ooohhhh!! I’ve never heard of that, I want one!!

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