4th October 2007

iSkin RevoClip Review

Back in August I posted a review of iSkin’s revoCase for the iPhone, which I love. There are times, however, when I really need a belt clip for my iPhone, but the clips available (until now) would not fit over my iSkin Revo case, which wasn’t acceptable (I’ve had problems with clips for previous cell phones that left my phone crashing to the floor more than once), so I chose safety (with the revoCase) over convenience.

RevoClipNow, to my delight, iSkin has created a belt clip that fits over the revoCase, named [appropriately] the revoClip. So naturally I ordered one.

First, the good: It has a nice, snug fit – no worries that your iPhone will accidentally slip out and hit the floor. The clip is good and solid too – it won’t accidentally come off of whatever you clip it to, so you iPhone will be safe from accidents. It has cut-outs for the top (on/off button and headphone jack), bottom (so you can sync or charge with the clip on), and even a cut-out on the backside for the camera lens. You can easily use your iPhone without removing it from the clip if you choose to. And in my opinion, the best feature is the most obvious one, that it’s designed to fit over top of the iSkin case, so my not-cheap-even-with-the-price-reduction iPhone is as protected as possible while still being functional. I suppose I could keep it in a safe under lock and key, but that makes it hard to show off. And lastly, a really nice feature is that the clip itself becomes a desktop “stand”, holding the phone at a good angle for landscape viewing of video.

The bad: The clip design does not leave a cut-out for using the volume up/down control, or the ring silencer switch. You could, of course, put the phone in the case the opposite way if you use those two controls a lot, but then the camera lens cut-out is in the wrong spot. For me this is a non-issue, because I don’t use those controls at all. On the rare occasion that I might need to, those settings are always also available by clicking on the Settings icon on the Home screen.

Because I know that there are some folks who might need access to those two controls, I can’t give the revoClip a 5-paw rating (perfect), but since it’s perfectly solved my own needs, and very nicely, I am happy to give it 4 paws.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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4 Responses to “iSkin RevoClip Review”

  1. On October 10th, 2007,Valeria Maltoni Says:

    Waiting for the release of Leopard to hit the purchase button at the Apple store… and thinking that the iPhone would make a good substitute for my Palm (filled with 1,900+ contacts but going) and phone as well as a nice substitute for blogging on the road. Any recommendations of things to look at? I’m already with (Cingular) AT&T 😉

  2. 1 On October 10th, 2007,Kitten Says:

    Hi Valeria!

    I absolutely love my iPhone, and have used it to post to my blogs with both the email function (which WordPress and other blog applications generally support) and also by using its built-in Safari browser.

    There is definitely a learning curve to using it’s touch-screen keyboard vs the Palm’s physical keyboard, but it doesn’t take long, and when using Safari if you turn the phone to landscape mode before summoning the keyboard, you get a larger keyboard to type on, making it a bit easier still – that was my preferred method of posting to my blog using the iPhone.

    Since you’re already with AT&T (as was I when I got mine), you’ll find the activation very quick and simple – but don’t get rid of your old cell phone – when you travel back to Italy you can take the SIM card from your iPhone and put it into your old phone and still be able to make calls internationally, which the iPhone does not support well (yet, although future software upgrades are expected to resolve this). When traveling internationally you can still use the iPhone for it’s PDA functions, as well as using the browser (on WiFi) and music/video player functions. All that being said, if you can manage to hold out on the iPhone until sometime after the first of the year, most Apple-watchers are predicting a new iPhone model that uses the 3G network – an improvement over the current Edge network and the one used more commonly in most of Europe. Us ‘early adopters’ are hoping this will come about with a software upgrade, or SIM replacement, but it’s likely that it will require a hardware upgrade.

    The phone plays very nicely with a variety of bluetooth headsets, so if you already have one you don’t need to buy a new one. And if you tend to keep your phone in your purse or a pocket, you won’t likely need a clip, but I find that a skin is a must even though the phone itself is highly scratch-resistant, primarily because I am a klutz and drop things regularly 🙂

    Good luck! I would love to hear if you decide to get one when you get your new Mac!

  3. 2 On October 10th, 2007,Valeria Maltoni Says:

    This is great information, Trisha. Thank you! it may even warrant its own post on phone service, etc.

  4. 3 On October 10th, 2007,Kitten Says:

    Good idea – thanks!

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