14th October 2007

Another WordPress Plugin for iPhone

Thanks to one of my favorite sites (Weblog Tools Collection) I found a truly nifty WordPress Plugin designed for iPhone- and iPod Touch-owning WordPress bloggers, although according to the plugin authors it also works for other mobile phones as well.

WPhone wordpress plugin for iPhoneThis cool plugin, WPhone, gives you a simplified admin interface for managing all aspects of your WordPress blog, including writing posts and pages. It does a beautiful job of paring down all the pretty fluff to present you with a very clean, easy to navigate menu structure and a simple form for entering posts or page content. WPhone also smartly recognizes your phone’s capabilities, and gives iPhone and iPod Touch users an interface utilizing full javascript and animation support – other mobile phone users get a “lite” version that doesn’t use javascript.

What’s amazing is that the plugin authors wrote this tool without actually owning an iPhone or iPod Touch – and the only bug I could find after extensive testing is a simple style issue that needs tweaking.

Although it’s already a simple matter to post an entry from your iPhone or other mobile phone using email, any WordPress blogger who occasionally finds themselves needing to login to manage other aspects of their blog will really benefit from this plugin.

Helpful Links:
Download the Plugin from WordPress
Plugin/Author Homepage

Rating: ★★★★★

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3 Responses to “Another WordPress Plugin for iPhone”

  1. On October 31st, 2007,Doug Stewart Says:

    Just thought you and your readers might like to know that we’ve released WPhone version 1.4.0 which has a ton of bugfixes AND it offers the ability to manage your plugins from the road!

    Thanks for the mention.

    -Doug Stewart
    WPhone Admin plugin developer

  2. 1 On November 1st, 2007,Kitten Says:

    Thanks Doug! I’ve just upgraded and the new version is really great! I LOVE that I can now easily administer my blogs via my iPhone. This is a really great tool!

  3. 2 On March 26th, 2008,adi Says:

    great plugin. thanks!

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