2nd November 2007

iPod/iPhone Video Glasses

Myvu recently announced a new version of their iPod Solo Plus Edition Video Glasses that are compatible with the iPhone, so yes, I ordered a pair.

Myvu Personal Media ViewerIn case you’re not familiar with video glasses (or theater glasses), these are an odd looking, Geordi LaForge-style personal media viewer glasses that project the video from an iPod (and now iPhone) onto the inside of the glasses in such a way as to appear as a large screen television from a distance of about 8 – 10 feet.

The advantages are an increased viewing area, and you don’t have to hold your iPod or iPhone up in front of your face (earning you a tired arm) or get a pain in your neck from looking down at your iPod/iPhone in your lap – now you can relax, kick back, and watch your video in comfort.

The disadvantage is, well you’ll look a little dorky wearing them. Do I care? No. I was always a big ST:TNG fan, and Geordi was one of my favorite characters, so I won’t mind the resemblance.

I’m planning a trip at the end of the month, and already have my iPhone set up with a couple of movies and a few TV shows, so I’m looking forward to a thorough testing, but I’ll post my review much sooner, as soon as I’ve had a chance to try them out and see if they live up to the hype. They should be here by mid- next week, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: – Read My Review Here

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3 Responses to “iPod/iPhone Video Glasses”

  1. On March 6th, 2009,Briceps Says:

    Please if anybody know where i can buy those glasses please ley me know. im from Bolivia, thank you so much

  2. 1 On March 7th, 2009,Kitten Says:

    Lots of online retailers carry them – start here at this page on Myvu’s website for some online stores – there is also a link there for international outlets…..good luck!

    I really love these video glasses and use them all the time…..

  3. 2 On January 15th, 2014,A visit to the R&D department of the New York Times | thinknext Says:

    […] The first stop was at the gadget section. A group of the R&D department plays around with all shiny toys that recently came out or are still in development. Obviously, they had the Kindle, Sony’s e-reader, various netbooks, touchscreens and others. But they are also exploring the use of virtual laser keyboards, pocket sized projectors, iPod Video Glasses. […]

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