12th April 2008

Review: Apple’s Time Machine Backup Application

Quite a few of my “Mac” buddies have been asking me if I use [Leopard’s] Time Machine and what I think of it, how it compares to Backup (Apple’s other backup application), and how I like my new Time Capsule, which I’ve been using for about a month now (I went with the 1TB model, which I’ll explain in more detail in a different post). Although I do read other people’s reviews, I try to stay open-minded and give myself enough time with something new before I form an opinion of my own, and for me a month is about right.

Time MachineWell, there’s a lot to cover. And even though Time Machine and Time Capsule work together beautifully (as they were made to), they are two separate products, so I think it’s best to review each separately. I’ll start with the easiest of the two, Time Machine and do my best to compare it to Backup. I still use both applications and I’ll explain why following my comparison. Read the rest of this entry »

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